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February 2019

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 Poo's Guide - All possible Vsays

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Staff Sargeant, Grade 2
Staff Sargeant, Grade 2

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Location : Netherlands
Registration date : 2009-03-15

PostSubject: Poo's Guide - All possible Vsays   18/3/2009, 18:34

So here is a list with all the possible Vsays in ET. Wanna bind 1 but dont know how? Ill shortly explain HOW to bind first Smile

1.) Open console (~)
2.) Type /bind <key> vsay <command> <bind here>
3.) Example:
/bind j vsay affirmative Jawohl!

So thats how u bind. For <key> you - ofcourse - fill in a key. For <command> u fill in ANY Vsay. I will list the Vsays below this. For <bind here> you fill in ur bind.

All possible Vsays:

EnemyDisguised: "Enemy in disguise!"
PathCleared: "Path cleared."
EnemyWeak: "The enemy is weakened."
AllClear: "All clear."
Incoming: "Incoming!"
FireInTheHole: "Fire in the hole!"
OnDefense: "I'm on defense."
OnOffense: "I'm attacking."
TakingFire: "Taking fire!"
MinesCleared: "Mines cleared."
NeedBackup: "I need backup!"
CoverMe: "Cover me!"
NeedEngineer: "We need an engineer!"
NeedOps: "We need Covert Ops!"
Medic: "Medic!"
NeedAmmo: "I need ammo!"
WhereTo: "Where to?"
FollowMe: "Follow me!"
LetsGo: "Let's go!"
Move: "Move!"
ClearPath: "Clear the path!"
HoldFire: "Hold fire!"
DefendObjective: "Defend our objective!"
DisarmDynamite: "Disarm the dynamite!"
ClearMines: "Clear the mines!"
ReinforceDefense: "Reinforce the defense!"
ReinforceOffense: "Reinforce the offense!"
DestroyPrimary: "Destroy the primary objective!"
DestroySecondary: "Destroy the secondary objective!"

DestroyConstruction: "Destroy the construction!"

RepairVehicle: "Repair the vehicle!"
DestroyVehicle: "Destroy the vehicle!"
EscortVehicle: "Escort the vehicle!"
FireOnTarget: "Fire on my target!"
CommandAcknowledged: "Command acknowledged!"

CommandDeclined: "Command declined!"
CommandCompleted: "Command completed!"

ConstructionCommencing: "Construction underway!"

ConstructionCompleted: "Construction completed!"

ConstructionDestroyed: "Construction destroyed!"
Affirmative: "Yes!"
Negative: "No!"
Thanks: "Thanks a lot!"
Welcome: "You're welcome."
Oops: "Oops!"
Sorry: "Sorry!"
Hi: "Hi!"
Bye: "Bye."
Cheer: "Yeah!"
GreatShot: "Great shot!"
GoodGame: "Good game!"
IamSoldier: "I'm a soldier."
IamMedic: "I'm a medic."
IamEngineer: "I'm an engineer."
IamFieldOps: "I'm a field ops."
IamCovertOps: "I'm a covert ops."
FTAttack: "Attack!"
FTFallBack: "Fall back!"
FTCoverMe: "Cover me!"
FTMortar: "Deploy mortar!"
FTHealMe: "Heal me!"
FTReviveMe: "Revive me!"
FTDestroyObjective: "Destroy objective!"
FTRepairObjective: "Repair objective!"

FTConstructObjective: "Construct the objective!"
FTDisarmDynamite: "Disarm the dynamite!"
FTDeployLandmines: "Deploy landmines!"
FTDisarmLandmines: "Disarm landmines!"
FTCallAirStrike: "Call airstrike!"
FTCallArtillery: "Call artillery!"
FTResupplyMe: "Resupply me!"
FTInfiltrate: "Infiltrate!"
FTProvideSniperCover: "Provide sniper cover!"

So those are all vsays. Simply add them into your bind for the place <command>. I hope this helps out a bit for those who cant find the bind the want. Smile

PS. I just took this list from a random site cus thats way easier to type them all (I pretty much know all but why type 'em?) But i noticed some where in it wich dont exist in ET so maybe a few dont exist and i watched over them
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Apprentice, Grade 2
Apprentice, Grade 2

Number of posts : 10
Registration date : 2009-03-11

PostSubject: Re: Poo's Guide - All possible Vsays   21/3/2009, 23:09

tnx Very Happy
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Private, Grade 2
Private, Grade 2

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Registration date : 2009-05-14

PostSubject: Re: Poo's Guide - All possible Vsays   21/5/2009, 11:51

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PostSubject: Re: Poo's Guide - All possible Vsays   

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Poo's Guide - All possible Vsays
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